European Intercultural Forum e.V.

The European Intercultural Forum e.V. is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation which works at international level in the fields of peace education, active citizenship, youth empowerment and capacity development of civil society actors.

Spotlight on current activities


30.09.2019 / News about the PBA in Ukraine
We would like to inform you that the Partnership-Building Activity “Go European!” took place in Ukraine on 9-16 September 2019. Check out pictures on the page dedicated to the project.

05.09.2019 / Welcome to the Caucasus
We would like to welcome warmly our 6 new volunteers from Germany who have reached out their hosting organisations in Armenia and in Georgia. We wish them a great learning experience during their European Solidarity Corps. Check out their activities here.

30.08.2019 / Launching Training Laboratory II
Visit our page dedicated to the project “Training Laboratory II: Designing Learning for Peace”, aiming to strengthen the capacities of youth organisations to respond to the growing societal polarisation and radicalisation in the EU and Eastern Partnership region here the link!

25.06.2019 / Call for participants: Active Citizens for Reconciliation II
We are currently recruiting three participants living in Germany for the international training programme “Active Citizens for Reconciliation II – Building Peace Through People-to-People Approaches” (September 2019 – April 2020). The programme involves youth and NGO workers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine. It features e-learning phases, two international residential courses hosted in Georgia and multiplying events in each country. Check the call for participants here.