European Intercultural Forum e.V.

The European Intercultural Forum e.V. is a civil society organisation working in the fields of peace education, active citizenship, youth empowerment and capacity development of civil society actors.

Spotlight on current activities

News from the field

02.10.2020/ Departure of ESC volunteers to Georgia!
After very long uncertainties due to the covid-19 pandemic, the ESC service of two volunteers from Germany to Georgia could finally start! We wish them a wonderful year! More information here.

05.09.2020/ Departure of ESC volunteers to Denmark, Luxembourg and Hungary!
After long pause due to covid19, volunteering services under the ESC funding scheme are being re-launched (to our big happiness!). More information about our volunteers abroad here.

09.05.2020 / Pausing residential activities
Due to the global covid-19 crisis, most of our residential crisis were paused. Anyhow, we have still much to do: preparing post-covid-19, working on the website, fundraising for e-learning programmes and more! We will keep you updated!

12.03.2020 / Publication of a brochure on best practices in youth work
Check out the brochure compiling best practices in youth work following the Partnership-Building Activity “Go European!” held in Ukraine in September 2019.

24.02.2020 / New articles from our volunteers in Armenia
Check out the articles of our two volunteers hosted in Gyumri in Armenia to get an impression of daily life, volunteering articles and challenges of ESC volunteers > here!

15.01.2020 / Calls for ESC volunteers!
We are recruiting ESC volunteers from Germany for various placements in the youth sector in Turkey, Armenia and Georgia – check out under Open Calls!

14.01.2020 / Launch of the international training programme “Empowering Youth – Countering Populism”
We are happy to launch our international educational programme on countering populism and empowering youth that will last from February to July 2020. The programme features a distance learning phase, a residential training course “Understanding Populist Challenges – Framing Civic Responses” hosted in Georgia in March 2020, a home-based community research phase, and a final residential training course “Designing grass-root civic responses to counter populism and chauvinism” hosted in Georgia in June 2020. More information about the programme, see here.

06.01.2020/ Welcome 2020!
We wish you a Happy New Year 2020 full of exciting and successful initiatives, besides good time with family and friends! We are coming back with a filled 2020 calendar of exciting international training and events and are looking forward to seeing you around Europe 🙂

18.11.2019/ Report of the Partnership-Building Activity “Go European” held in Ukraine in September 2019
Check out the narrative report of the PBA held in Ukraine, here!

24.10.2019 / Report of the Training “People-to-People Approaches to Reconciliation” held in Georgia
The report of the first residential training course of the educational programme “Active Citizens for Reconciliation” is published! Check here what the participants did and learn on the course.

05.09.2019 / Welcome to the Caucasus
We would like to welcome warmly our 6 new volunteers from Germany who have reached out their hosting organisations in Armenia and in Georgia. We wish them a great learning experience during their European Solidarity Corps. Check out their activities here.