About us

The European Intercultural Forum e. V. (EIF) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organisation which operates on international level in the fields of international cooperation and development, peace education, active citizenship, empowerment and capacity development.

The EIF was set up in autumn 2009 in Berlin and is based on several years of experience acquired by its main members working in civil society organisations (CSOs) in various countries across Europe and the Caucasus.


The objectives of the organisation are:
1- to contribute to peaceful development in the Western Balkans and the South Caucasus by strengthening civil society and fostering democratic development
2- to provide intercultural learning experiences to youth and adults to enhance intercultural tolerance and mutual understanding
3- to provide exchange opportunities to NGOs representatives to discover and promote best-practices in international cooperation and peace education

Types of activities

Following types of activities are offered by the European Intercultural Forum e. V.:
– short-term international and educational events providing cross-cultural experience and exchange of practice
– international voluntary work with the European Voluntary Service (short-term and long-term)
– long-term cooperation project to develop capacities of CSOs and address skills and competences of youth and adults, especially with fewer opportunity
– coaching and empowerment of youth and adults willing to develop own initiatives for the benefits of the local community

Target groups and focus

The target group of our activities are youth and adult learners eager to develop their own competences as well as coordinators, managers, social workers ad activists engaged in community work.
The organisation focuses on cooperation with three main geographical areas:
1- South Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
2- Western Balkans, especially Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro
3- Countries of the European Union and candidate states

Organisational set-up

The European Intercultural Forum e. V. functions with one part-time employee and one to two long-term volunteers.
Currently, the EIF activities are financed project by project with funding such as:
– Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission
– European Solidarity Corps programme of the European Commission (formerly the European Voluntary Service)


In average each year, the European Intercultural Forum e. V. involves around 50 to 70 youth and social workers representing different non-governmental organisations based in Europe and neighbouring regions in its training and networking activities. Additionally, the EIF provides placements under the European Solidarity Corps (formerly European Voluntary Service) to about 12 to 15 young people from Germany per year in long-term projects located in Europe and in the Caucasus.