EVS Discover the Caucasus – Edition 3

Duration:  10-12 months from 2016 to 2018
Venue: Armenia (Dilijan and Yerevan), Azerbaijan (Ganja) and Georgia (Rustavi)
Funded by: Erasmus+ programme, German National Agency
Hosting organisations:
Youth Events Holding Centre in Yerevan (YEHC) in Yerevan, Armenia (from Sept. 2016 to August 2017)
Youth Cooperation Centre of Dilijan NGO (YCCD) in Dilijan, Armenia (from July 2017 to July 2018)
Youth Public Union Bridge to the Future in Ganja (BF) in Ganja, Azerbaijan (from Sept. 2016 to May 2017)
Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives (SIQA) in Rustavi, Georgia (from Oct. 2016 to August 2017)
Volunteers: 7 young people from Germany

The European Voluntary Service “Discover the Caucasus – Volunteering across cultures 3” brings seven volunteers from Germany to get active in four different EVS hosting organisations in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The EVS services take place during 2016-2018 for a duration of up to 12 months.

The volunteers are sent by the European Intercultural Forum e. V. to the following EVS placements:
– Youth Events Holding Centre in Armenia (YEHC) in Yerevan, Armenia (1 placement)
– Bridge to the Future in Ganja (BF) in Ganja, Azerbaijan (2 placements)
– Youth Cooperation Centre of Dilijan NGO in Dilijan, Armenia (2 placements)
– Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives (SIQA) in Rustavi, Georgia (2 placements)

The project aims to empower young people from Germany, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Specific objectives include:
– To strengthen interpersonal, intercultural and social competences of young people from Germany, Armenia,  Azerbaijan and Georgia
– To enhance the competences of young people from Germany, Armenia,  Azerbaijan and Georgia in taking an active role for societal concerns and in fostering social inclusion, equality and peace
– To promote volunteering and active participation as a tool for personal and professional development, thus for employability

Volunteers supported the work of the hosting organisations working with and for from deprived urban and rural areas in Armenia,  Azerbaijan and Georgia. This includes:
– Preparation, implementation and evaluation of non-formal educational activities for youth themes of European relevance, intercultural learning and/ or languages (workshops, discussion clubs, movie screening’s, etc. depending on the interest of the volunteers)
– Preparation, implementation and evaluation of leisure activities for local youth (arts and crafts, dancing classes, sport activities, role games – depending on the interest of the volunteers)
– Supporting the preparation, implementation and evaluation of youth-related researches
– Support to the hosting organisations with running activities and projects
– Promotion of volunteering and active participation in local schools, youth clubs and events

As a result of the project activities, the volunteers and the young local beneficiaries of the volunteers` activities gained multiple competences relevant for their personal development and their employability and feel empowered to take action for their own life and for community concerns.


July 2016: the two Erasmus+ grants financing the seven EVS placements are accepted. Volunteers for the placements in Yerevan and Ganja are already selected. We are proceeding further with the selection of volunteers for the placements in Dilijan and Rustavi.
September 2016: the volunteers Nicole, Sebastian and Gordian arrived on their placements in Yerevan and in Ganja – not without a few adventures! They attended their On-Arrival Training in Georgia end of September together. Sebastian is blogging on Youthreporter, check-out his profile at: https://www.youthreporter.eu/de/profil/sebastianmeyer/ 
Nicole wrote an article about her first impressions in Armenia, read it here. End of September, she took part in a special event organised by her hosting organisation in Gyumri, check out her article about this here. 
October 2016: Nicole was very busy in October. Check out her experience at the village Byurakan where she will be teaching English once a week. Also, she summarised in first two-months impressions in another testimony here.
Then, Catalina arrived on her EVS placement mid of October at Association Siqa! She will stay here for an entire year as well. She is blogging at https://cataingeorgia.wordpress.com/ and already uploaded her first impressions in Rustavi and many pictures.
November 2016: Catalina attended her On-Arrival Training in Georgia where she met many other volunteers placed in the Caucasus.
December 2016: unfortunately Gordian cancelled his involvement in Ganja. Annika joined the team at SIQA in Rustavi and spent Christmas together with her co-volunteers there. Annika and Catalina had a presentation about German Christmas traditions in a rural school in Kvemo-Kartli, see pictures below.
January 2017: check out the blog of Catalina about her activities at SIQA in Rustavi!   There are many pictures of their youth club activities. Hikaru and Catalina visited Sebastian in Ganja and took part in a local event in Göygöl, a formerly german village, see picture below. And here you can discover a traditional Armenian dish called Khash, described by Nicole.
February 2017: Annika explains us about gender roles and equality in Georgia, check out her article here.
Here an article from Nicole about languages in Armenia. 
April 2017: Nicole participated in the Genocide Memorial day in Yerevan, here an article about it. As well, here on the blog of Catalina, many pictures about her weekend trips in the Caucasus with co-volunteers!
May 2017: unfortunately Sebastian has to leave the project in Ganja, Azerbaijan, earlier than expected. Annika wrote an article about her experience with hiking around Rustavi, read it here. 
July 2017: Nicole co-organised a Summer Camp for children in Kapan in Armenia. Read here her experience. Sophie and Hendrikje arrived in Dilijan at the YCCD.
August 2017: Nicole participated in the International Camp for children at the SOS Children Village of Abovyan, more information here.
September 2017: Sophie and Hendrikje attended the On-Arrival Training in Georgia.
March 2018: Sophie attended the Mid-Term Meeting in Georgia. Unfortunately Hendrikje had to return back home after 8 months service.
Summer 2018: the project is completed and we are preparing for the Edition 4!

Nicole’s activities at the Youth Events Holding Centre in Armenia

Gordian and Sebastian’s activities at Youth Union Bridge to the Future in Azerbaijan

Catalina and Annika’s activities at Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives (SIQA) in Georgia

Sophie and Hendrikje activities in the Youth Cooperation Centre of Dilijan NGO, Armenia