ESC Discover the Caucasus – Edition 5

Duration:  12 months from September 2019  to August 2020
Venue: Armenia (Dilijan and Gyumri) and Georgia (Rustavi)
Funded by: European Solidarity Corps (ESC)
Hosting organisations:
# Youth Cooperation Centre of Dilijan NGO (YCCD) in Dilijan, Armenia (2 placements)
# Gyumri Youth Initiative Center, Gyumri, Armenia (2 placements)
# Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives (SIQA) in Rustavi, Georgia (2 placements)
Volunteers: 6 young people from Germany

This project is the fifth edition of the international volunteering service named “Discover the Caucasus – Volunteering across cultures”. The project involved 6 volunteers from Germany in 3 different hosting placements in Armenia and in Georgia for 12 months.

The ESC project “Discover the Caucasus – Edition 5” aims to contribute to community development in Germany and in rural and urban deprived areas in Armenia and Georgia through empowering young people to become active and responsibly citizens that have the confidence and competences for shaping their closest social environment based on the values of equality, respect for diversity, and solidarity.

Concretely the project’s objectives are:
# To promote volunteering and active participation as a tool for personal and professional development, thus for employability
# To enhance the competences of young people from Germany, Armenia and Georgia in taking an active role for societal concerns and in fostering social inclusion, equality and peace
# To strengthen interpersonal, intercultural and social competences of young people from Germany, Armenia and Georgia

News from the volunteers

September 2019: we welcomed all 6 volunteers in Tbilisi and had a 1-day preparation workshop. On the day after, they all went to their placements in Armenia and Georgia. We wish them the best for the upcoming volunteer year!
On-Arrival Training in Kobuleti: all 6 volunteers attended their OAT organised by SALTO-EECA in Georgia mid of September. Besides framing their ESC volunteering project in terms of learning objectives, intercultural learning and more, they also had the chance to network and make new friends from across Europe.
November 2019: Rhea explains about the first impressions and daily life in Rustavi, read her article here.
December 2019: Tabea wrote an article about her activities and initiatives as a volunteer at Association SIQA in Rustavi, check it out here
January 2020: Melissa and Elena hosted at the Youth Initiative Center in Gyumri give an overview of their daily life, volunteering activities and challenges in Armenia. Check it out here (Melissa’s article) and here (Elena’s article).
March 2020: following the Mid-Term Training (MTM) hosted in Bakuriani, Georgia mid of March 2020, our 6 volunteers came back to Germany and paused their ESC service due to the worlwide covid-19 pandemic.
April 2020: unfortunately the ESC service of Andrej and Julius come to an end as a return over the summer would not be feasible. The ESC services of Melissa, Elena, Tabea and Rhea are interrupted in the hope of a possible return for the summer. Andrej wrote down an article about his linguistic learning experience in Armenia, read it here. And Julius explains in a testimony about his ESC service in Dilijan, its up’s and down’s and what he takes back home, see here.

The team of 2019 ESC volunteers!

Pictures – ESC volunteers’ activities at the Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO (Armenia)

Pictures – ESC volunteers’ activities at the Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives (SIQA) in Rustavi (Georgia)

Pictures – ESC volunteers’ activities at the Youth Initiative Center in Gyumri (Armenia)