Volunteering at the CEMEA Franche-Comté, France

Duration: 10 months (01.11.2018 – 31.08.2019)
Venue: Besancon, France
Funded by: Erasmus+ Programme, French National Agency
Volunteers: 1 volunteer from Germany in a group of 3 volunteers

The CEMEA Centre (Centres d’Entraînement aux Méthodes d’Education Active/ Training Centers for Active Educational Methods) is an organisation applying interactive and non-formal educational practices based on the values and principles of New Education and active learning, in order to transform contexts and institutions by fostering individual actions.

Activities of the volunteer include:
*Organisation of cultural & educational events: movie screenings in the frame fo the Educational Film Festival, debate events, workshops, presentations about different topics etc.
* Complete the youth worker certifying training (BAFA1)
* Implementing leisure/ educational activities for various target groups: for children, adults and seniors
* Preparation of activities matching the target groups’ needs and wishes – monitoring the activities and evaluating the achievements of the workshops/ events
* Promotion of the EVS programme by presenting own volunteering experience, participation to the pre-departure trainings of the French volunteers going abroad, intercultural trainings organised by Ceméa
* Development of own project or initiative in line with the CEMEA’s mission
* Participation and support to the organisation’s activities and events, including website’s updates and creating of promotional materials

News from the volunteer

February 2019: updates about the project, mid-term meeting, and more
April 2019: new updates from the volunteer about geography, “zappe ton écran” and helping the hosting organisation